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Las Vegas, Nevada

Aztech Materials

Our Projects

Air Liquide

Aztech performed non-destructive testing for the duration of the project. Air Liquides North Las Vegas Hydrogen plant is a first of its kind. It will produce liquid hydrogen to the western United States. Aztech performed Radiographic, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, PMI, Ferrite, and Ultrasonic Inspections throughout the duration of the project. Aztech performed over 10,000 radiographic inspections through the duration of the project. We accomplished this by using computed radiography and e...

Resorts World Las Vegas

Aztech performed Non-Destructive Testing on concrete prior to core drilling for electrical and mechanical contractors on site. Aztech utilized Ground Penetrating Radar to locate post-tension cables and rebar in the slab prior to core drilling. Aztech scanned over 5,000 locations throughout the duration of the project. Aztech also utilized Radiographic inspection to confirm location of post-tension cables for new core locations. Throughout the project Aztech performed x-ray at over 4,000 locat...

Warehouse Construction

Aztech has performed QAA special inspections on over 4,500,000 SF of industrial warehouse construction since 2018. Aztech provides grading, reinforced concrete, structural steel & welding inspections during the construction process.

Power Plants

Aztech is employed by the regions many power plant and examines the various requested materials for the presence of internal discontinuities, induced discontinuities (such as welds), and time-dependent degradation, such as corrosion, cracking and environmental damage. Aztech’s power plant inspections are performed to the ASME boiler pressure vessel code B31.1 and section 5 or Aztech’s customer specification. Aztech uses the following methods for its power plan customers; Magnetic particle...

MGM Grand

Aztech Ensures Safety For the MGM Grand, it’s vital to know where utilities, post tension cables, rebar, etc., are to ensure safety when they core through concrete while remodeling or reconfiguring services at their property. Aztech provides the MGM Grand GPR services which are done in real-time and does not require the evacuation of the property or a large safety zone to protect the public.

Lake Mead Intake #3

In order to address unprecedented drought conditions and provide long-term protection of Southern Nevada’s primary water storage reservoir—Lake Mead— the Southern Nevada Water Authority constructed a third drinking water intake capable of drawing upon Colorado River water at lake elevations below 1,000 feet (above sea level). The high-volume, low lake level pumping station and Lake Mead Intake No. 3 will provide the community continued access to its primary water supply even as lake levels f...

Project Neon

Project Neon will widen 3.7 miles of Interstate 15 between Sahara Avenue and the “Spaghetti Bowl” interchange in downtown Las Vegas. It’s currently the busiest stretch of highway in Nevada with 300,000 vehicles daily, or one-tenth of the state population, seeing 25,000 lane changes an hour. Project highlights HOV direct connect between U.S. 95 and I-15 Conversion of express lanes on I-15 to HOV New I-15 HOV interchange: “Neon Gateway” Reconstruction of Charleston interchange MLK reali...

McCarran Airport

Aztech has been a strong partner of Clark County’s Department of Aviation (CCDOA) for over 15 years in three main ways. First, Aztech works closely on CCDOA’s horizontal soil, asphalt and concrete needs. Aztech provides testing and inspection services on the repair and replacement of the 20,000 feet long high-speed runways. Aztech works closely with the CCDOA on the various holding pad improvements at McCarran. Second, Aztech works on the vertical/structural work at McCarran. As an example, ...

I-11 Boulder City Bypass

Las Vegas and Phoenix are the only two cities in the nation with populations of more than one million people that are not currently linked by an interstate. The first phase of I-11 will construct approximately 15 miles of new freeway around the southern and eastern perimeter of Boulder City from I-515 to US-93. The project will include the design and construction of a four-lane access-controlled freeway with a new interchange at US-95 and a reconfigured interchange at the US-93/SR-172 Hoover...

I-215 Airport Connector

The project consists of building a new flyover ramp and bridge connecting southbound Airport Connector to eastbound 215, widening the off-ramp from eastbound 215 to Warm Springs Road and construction of a new bridge for that off-ramp, and the widening of a bridge carrying westbound 215 traffic over the Airport Connector. The expected completion date for the entire project is late 2017.

Octavius Tower

The Octavius Tower and Convention center project consists of a 23-story hotel tower, casino, central plant and parking garage.

Palazzo Tower

The Palazzo Casino Resort, the world’s largest USGBC LEED™ Silver certified building, consists of a 50-story hotel tower, casino, retail, restaurant, and support facility space covering more than 7.5 million square feet.