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Las Vegas, Nevada

McCarran Airport

Completed in 1999 & Always Ongoing

Aztech has been a strong partner of Clark County’s Department of Aviation (CCDOA) for over 15 years in three main ways. First, Aztech works closely on CCDOA’s horizontal soil, asphalt and concrete needs. Aztech provides testing and inspection services on the repair and replacement of the 20,000 feet long high-speed runways. Aztech works closely with the CCDOA on the various holding pad improvements at McCarran.

Second, Aztech works on the vertical/structural work at McCarran. As an example, Aztech provided testing and special inspection services for the Terminal 3 Parking Garage. Aztech continues to provide services on the various gate expansions and other projects which require special inspections.

Finally, Aztech provides Non-destructive Testing Services (NDT) on a regular basis. Any remodeling or reconfiguring which requires coring through concrete must be tested to determine that the core will miss rebar, post tension cables, current electrical or plumbing lines, etc. Aztech employs radiographic services (X-ray) or ground penetrating radar (GPR) to define where the core should be made.